Thursday, July 19, 2018

Boil It Down and This Is Remarkably Accurate


Jay Farquharson said...

Yeah, the part that really gets me LMFAO is that the Russian FSO trolled a scantily clad cartoon character of Natasha infront of the Rethugs, NRA and Christofacists fell all over themselves to trade a little light treason for sex.

Jay Farquharson said...

FBI Uncovers Al-Qaeda Plot To Just Sit Back And Enjoy Collapse Of United States -The Onion

"Connect the dots:
2016: Putin tries to assassinate President of Montenegro
2017: Trump shoves the Prime Minister of Montenegro at NATO meeting
2018: Trumps meets with Putin
2018: Trump tells people he doesn’t want to have to defend Montenegro"
The Hoarse Whisperer

Trailblazer said...

We really do live in a society where the Emperor has no clothes.
Almost every day Trump is exposed to be under the influence of the (remarkable) puppet master, Putin.
Yet; most of the western press and almost all of the USA press ignore the obvious connections.
The citizens of the USA have proved to be even more willingly ignorant of current affairs .
The reason,perhaps, is that the USA and the west have so much garbage to answer to, is to make Russia's indiscretions an equal to our own?

I sometimes wonder; would an honest civilisation survive?


Jay Farquharson said...

"The citizens of the USA have proved to be even more willingly ignorant of current affairs ."

Faux News and Sinclair Media feed a 24/7 stream of propaganda, ajitprop and misdirection at their audience, keeping them constantly afraid, angry and racist.

The Rethug's have been gaslighting the Public and the Media since Nixon, and there is no liberal Media in the US.

Still, only 23.4% of the electorate voted for Putin's Meatpuppet.

"The reason,perhaps, is that the USA and the west have so much garbage to answer to, is to make Russia's indiscretions an equal to our own?"

Soviet/Russian "whataboutism" has been greatly amplified by the internet, trolls, bots and the leftier than thou.

The Rendition/Gitmo Etc Program was/is a horrible thing for a liberal democracy to do, and other liberal democracies to abet, even to suspected terrorists,

But it's just another day in Russia, where the victims are journalists, civil rights lawyers, parliamentarians, businessmen, or just somebody in the wrong place, at the wrong time, with something Putin wants.

The Mound of Sound said...

"I sometimes wonder; would an honest civilisation survive?"

Modern civilization, especially America's, is increasingly coming to resemble Rome's in the late stages of that republic. There are some rather insightful essays that draw out eerie parallels in the decline of the two empires.

Jay Farquharson said...

LMFAO,..... "Bacon",......


The fall of Rome was due to a lot of different reasons,

The fall of 'Murikkka seems to be primarily because "Idiocracy" isn't a users manual.

Anonymous said...

If you ever wondered how Christian fundamentalists could believe the story of Noah's Ark was for real…

Funny how before the election, HRC's PRIVATE position was hemispheric open borders and a New Cold War with Russia. Now these are the PUBLIC positions of the Democrat party (and every JFK-neo-progressive birdbrain.)

HRC is also a genocidal racist who stole the lives of tens of thousands of African American "super predators" for private-prison kickbacks. So no wonder the other major Cultural-Left plank is to bark "RACIST! BIGOT!" at their political enemies – while all the systemic racism occurs by THEIR hands in THEIR Big Liberal Cities.

HRC also planned a crackdown on "fake news." (She even called for one after she lost the election.) Here, "fake news" means any news analysis from a private citizen that challenges corporate True News™. Advertisers brought the hammer down on Twitter, YouTube, etc. in any case. Thank God they didn't have the heft of government on their side to shred the constitution.

(The Revolution will not be televised. It is a revolution of the mind. It means: start using it. Morpheus stands before you with a Red Pill and a Black Pill. The rest is up to you.)

Jay Farquharson said...

HRC's not the President,

And you anonamice need to keep up to speed on the RWNJ talking points.

They've moved on from the" Colusion, No Colusion, you're The Colusion!!!!!!!",

To manchuriansplaining,

Anonymous said...

5:06....The fact remains, what is written in these blogs indicates a non-partisan effort to bring attention to what "governments, any government" is doing just to gain "votes, shameful amounts of money, palatial places in which to live, promises unfulfilled, ignore the working poor who became poor after the development of bread making to which the slave doctrine began and continues to this day, intentionally disregard the environment, allow banks to steal, deprive retired people in this country to live above the poverty line and not to acknowledge the precariat and most of all how this...the damage the military has inflicted upon the earth and all in the name of religion. The facts are the facts. It is a good idea, if some reading other than the conservative line, were to occur as it opens the mind and provides what is called "critical thinking" Anyong

Anonymous said...

Trump is bringing enormous amounts of positive change after 55 years of downward spiral. After 55 years of distraction as Robber Barons weaseled their way back into another Gilded-Age economic meltdown – sucking all the wealth out the economy like a swarm of lampreys on the Body Economic.

Take Trump standing pat on killing free-trade globalization in the face of so much hysteria generated in the corporate media. Bernie Sanders, at least, once opposed free trade. Same with Robert Reich and other "left-leaning" economists. But now they all stand with the Robber Barons' raping and pillaging of the globe. (If they think Trump has bad character...)

If Bernie put Fair Trade in his platform – because apparently Trump is evil and Fair Trade is not Fair Trade if Satan the Devil is bringing it – you can tell he would not have the GUTS that Trump has to follow through. He would be henpecked into neoliberal submission, which is what happened to him after Trump won. Instead of seizing opportunity he caved under the slightest of pressure. Bernie is no FDR.

Trump, however, is very like FDR. The rich hate him. (Think of him as an upper-class traitor.) The social democrats hate him because he doesn't go far enough. But the people will love him like they did FDR because Trump is doing something no other president has done since Eisenhower: represent them in government.

People waiting on a revolution – on a Messiah – are waiting on a delusion. (People were actually bred towards this foolishness like wolves bred into all manner of dog with specific traits and behaviors. The message behind the medium: faint hope of rescue from tyranny like a carrot tied to a stick to move the beast of burden.)

Justin Trudeau is your Messiah. Barack Obama is your Messiah. JKF is your Messiah. They say pretty words. Take pretty pictures. But have no interest in representing the people, because they are not one of the little people.

Even if one of the little people becomes one of the Big People, they no longer care about the little people. They start to think about getting MOAR; building a dynasty; create a Foundation. Make their pathetic little good fortune last. (It does not.)

I've been a left-leaning libertarian for decades. (Got the idea from Neil Peart.) I expected liberal politicians to eventually come to their senses and do what Trump is doing. Little did I know what they were beneath their masks. But I do now.

(P.S.: this Jay character could use another 6 months in the re-education camp. Not zealous enough!)

Jay Farquharson said...


character, это личная учетная запись gmail, которая ведет к реальному человеку, а не боится говорить, а не к сообщению anonamouse SovCit.

вы знаете, как Путин вознаграждает неудачу, и вы терпите неудачу, размахивая большим временем. наслаждаться гулагским товарищем