Monday, July 16, 2018

What Do Trump's Base and Trudeau's Base Have in Common?

Not much, I hope, but there is this - both seem willing to either swallow their leader's nonsense or look the other way.

With Trump the examples are almost limitless. Trudeau, not so much, but still.

I'm not going to get into Grope-Gate. Warren's got that covered, ad nauseum. I want to focus on climate change and bitumen, something infinitely more important. Yes, ladies, I'm sorry but it's more important, infinitely more important.

Trudeau, unlike Trump, knows climate change is real. He knows the danger it poses around the world including Canada. He knows that bitumen is the most carbon-intensive, toxin-laden ersatz petroleum of them all. I'm pretty sure he knows that, next to soft coal, bitumen will probably wreak more death and devastation to the poorest, most vulnerable peoples today and to everybody's kids in generations to come.

Trudeau's attitude is "let's just give it a go but, don't worry, we'll fix it later." That's gold-plated horseshit. The emissions from that armada of dilbit tankers will be in the atmosphere, heating the planet for centuries to come. Think you had it hot last month? You can't begin to imagine what "hot" is going to mean to your kids and grandkids forty or fifty years from now.

Fix it later. How? A carbon tax, WTF? So far he's got Alberta (or its incoming premier), Saskatchewan, Ontario and even Prince Edward Island crying "no deal." We know when Trudeau gets into a costly political donnybrook he folds like lawn furniture. The only reason he's going ahead with the Justin Trudeau Memorial Trans-Mountain pipeline is to protect his political fortunes.  The premiers know that he's their bitch.

Do the Liberal rank-and-file really believe this "we'll fix it later" horseshit? Apparently so. Which brings me to the recent remarks of Lord Deben, Britain's climate change commissioner who argues that climate change is similar to the Black Death only worse because we know what it is yet choose not to prevent it.
“The thing that I want to bring home to policymakers is that this is increasingly urgent and that these things will be laid at your door if you don’t recognise that and act accordingly.” 
Deben compared the threat posed by climate change to the black death, adding: “With the black death, where one in three of the population died, we did not know how it happened, how it spread, so we were not responsible. 
“With climate change we do know and so we are responsible. So it is no good saying ‘oh well, it will all work out one way or another’. We are responsible, and if we don’t take on that responsibility we are shoving it on to our children and no parent should do that in any circumstances.”
Deben's remarks eerily mirror Trudeau's and his followers' approach. It will all work out one way or another. And, that mentality, ensures that you're "shoving it on our children."

Trump has a carefully nurtured herd of Gullibillies, groomed by years of nonsense from FOX News, Limbaugh, Jones, etc. Liberals pride themselves on being informed, rational people and yet they support Trudeau on this. Of the two groups, which is really worse?


Rural said...

I agree with both the tone and the content of your post, Mound, the only thing missing (well perhaps not the ONLY thing) is the direction the climate change denier and cut all environmental programs new guy in Ontario, one Doug Fraud!

The Mound of Sound said...

Rural, I can't begin to deal with Doug Ford. Ontario has my deep and abiding sympathies and yet 40 per cent of those who turned out to the polls put him in office. 40% - it's today's "political herpes." The political caste, promiscuous whores the lot of them, love it.

Anonymous said...

I still think Trudeau is caught by Harper’s China trade deal and unfortunately had to do the friggin’ pipeline.


Jay Farquharson said...


Toby said...

If Trudeau is caught by Harper’s China trade deal, at the very least he could be honest and own up to it.

the salamander said...

.. different type of horseshit salad.. and different volume.. Trudeau has the clever soft peddle and a sweeper.. Trump needs a dump truck following him. At this point in history I think it important to see them as very different.. but both fall prey to the same failures

Both bend over backward to fossil fuel.. all that Nation Building or Winning I guess. Trudeau to Dilbit and fracking, Trump to anything fossil burnable including coal.. anything goes, Species Habitat ? You must be kidding.. Trudeau is all lip service re Climate Change..

Trump is a commercial realtor & fraudster.. and that's all he ever has been.. so the horseshit 'Policies' - Sung Il Yawn, Climate Change, Putin, the Mexico Wall are just commercial real estate meeting bafflegarb spewed as smartest guy on the planet flawed deal making.. grifter style, though blared very loud. Trudeau just smoothes the horseshit out.. So one is a complete boor with ridiculous hair, the other is slick with decent hair.. Try to accept that the GOP and America let this guy Trump into the White Hluse to visit.. much less be President.. its dark comedy satire meets incoherent kabuki thestre.. meets Monty Python - Trudeau is just Andrew Scheer without the smirk or evangelistic holier than though evangelistic crapola

Jay Farquharson said...

Unfortunately, we live in a world of "follow politics",

When LBGTQ marriage polls above 60%, then, and only then can The Right Thing be done.

When 60% of Canadians are driving electric cars,........

There are a lot of reasons for this state of affairs, and only some of them are due to "politicians" and "political parties",

In an election where the choices were Baby Trump, Quitters and Dippers, 42% of the electorate chose not to vote.