Friday, July 06, 2018

This Doesn't Make the F-35 Obsolete but It's A Big Shove In That Direction.

Keep in mind that the F-35 is 20 year old technology.That's why it's an over-priced, overdue and under-performing bit of kit.

Lockheed sought a marketing advantage by labeling the F-35 a "fifth generation" fighter, as in a leap ahead of the competition's fourth generation warplanes.

The F-22 Raptor, the F-35, China's J-20 and J-31, Russia's Pak 50 and others such as Japan's new stealth fighter are all in the fifth generation category.

But there's a new kid on the block, a sixth generation fighter, expected to soon come out of Europe. It's a Franco-German venture that skips the fifth generation. One of the biggest differences concerns a little-mentioned blip in previous fighters - vertical tail surfaces. Vertical tails compromise the aircraft's stealth cloaking. They do tend to return radar pulses.

Aircraft like America's stealth drones or its B-2 bomber don't have vertical tails.

This video from Dassault indicates that the new Franco-German stealth fighter will be a twin engine delta wing, i.e. sixth generation.

Canada might do well to avoid following so many other countries that are taking the blind plunge off the F-35 cliff. In the meantime we can get by just fine with something less stealthy but much more affordable that the F-35.


Jay Farquharson said...

With Treason Tribble Трамп's tearing up of NAFTA, NATO, NORAD, WTO etc,

Canada needs a new White Paper on Defence right now, more than a new fighter jet.

We need to reorient our Defense Posture away from being 'Murika's Global Sepoy, towards facing a hostile Russia, China and US in the Arctic, and a hostile US on our southern border,

With only a few reliable European Allies left.

We need to reposition ourselves to create the worlds longest defended border.

Chimpy McStagger 43's Admin showed that the so called "adults" in the 'Murkin system were more than willing to be "Good Germans" and follow illegal orders,

Obama 44 showed that there would be no "checks and balances", no real correction, just the "new normal",

Dolt 45's Admin, Flynn, Mattis, Sessions, etc, shows us that the Nazi cray-cray, evil and rot runs right to the top.

Even if Treason Tribble Трамп gets checked by a Blue Wave, is limited to a single term, or gets hauled off to jail, we are one election away from somebody even more insane.

The Republicans arn't walking back from the abyss, they are gladly embracing it in the hopes that the money of the 1% and the votes of the 27% insane clown posse can keep them a political power.

the salamander said...

.. Whatever happened to 'leadership' or government.. re prioritizing or even having a Canadian 'Defence' strategy, Mound? Yes we have aged Coast Guard - Search & Rescue assets.. and very willing n able personnel. But the physical assets are stressed to the max.

I'm super pissed to hear of at least 21 incursions by American patrols.. since last October to interdict Maritime lobster boats, seeking illegal immigrants. Who the hell would try to enter Trumpland via Canadian lobster boat ? Is this some sort of bad joke?

Did we get a single chopper or other aircraft in the air ? A Coast Guard cutter? Hell a rowboat or zodiac? Seems not
Did we scramble an F18 ? or are the bulk of them overseas? Certainly an F-35 would useless for the task.. and for every hour in the air, how many hours to service it? We have three sub tubs, how many seaworthy or getting a 2 year long refit? Do we have a supply ship yet? Any new or modern littoral patrol boats? Where does the 'World Class Dilbit Cleanup' stage from? , Montreal? Where Harper relocated oil spill assets (not to be confused with Dilbit cleanup assets.

Where are the 'orders' or Rules of Engagement re those yankee patrols, to engage & cuff around Canadian fishermen & women on the high seas? Do we have any Diplomats worth their salt? Did we request the American Ambassador present at the PM's office to explain ? We now allow US Customs & Border Security to have special rights at our airports.. to seize Canadians headed into the USA.. and not let them change their mind.

We have a lot of work ahead of us.. to clean up all the sloppy lose ends, replace physical assets etc.. and the unit cost of F-35's is scandalous.. as is the service costs & parts etc

The Mound of Sound said...

We're exceptionally submissive, Sal, when it comes to getting our noses rubbed in it by people I used to call our "cousins to the south." I don't see them that way any longer.

It's going to take time and a great deal of effort and resolve for our country to throw off this indentured servitude. Yet we have to begin somewhere.