Friday, July 06, 2018

Hey, Warren. You Even Made It in The Guardian.

Our friend Kinsella has become the official critic of prime minister Handy. He's been given the nod by the New York Times and the Washington Post. Today he can claim credit for keeping the Trudeau grope story alive, this time in my favourite paper, The Guardian.

The allegation has dominated political discussion in Canada in recent days after it was highlighted by a political commentator last month. 
The reporter behind the allegation – who is also believed to be the author of the editorial – has not responded to interview requests from the Guardian. 
Trudeau addressed the allegation briefly on Monday, describing the day of the event as a “good day” and one in which he did not recall any “negative interactions”. 
After calls for an independent investigation into the claim and opposition criticism of his initial response, Trudeau addressed the issue at length on Thursday.

C'mon, Warren, be a sport.  You may be headed for greatness - the pundit who brought down the boy wonder.


Toby said...

Fun question: If Trudeau were to be forced to step aside, who would take over as leader of the Liberals and thus PM?

"The reporter behind the allegation – who is also believed to be the author of the editorial – has not responded to interview requests from the Guardian."

One wonders about motives; personal or political?

The Mound of Sound said...

Who knows who might be next in line? Presumably caucus would have to choose an interim prime minister until the next Liberal convention. Buggered if I know. Buggered if I care.

Motives, motives, motives. Yes indeed. Whether he intended it or not, WK is probably seen by Liberals as far worse than the grope itself. Will he become persona non grata? Then again I never thought he would have much difficulty transferring political allegiance to a "better" party.

Gyor said...

OMG I was laughing so freaking hard, who thought it would be Liberal Warren Kinsella of all people who would take Justin Trudeau down. I doubt Kinsella did.

Still if this scandal takes out PM Trudeau and leads to PM Andrew Shreer, it will can a civil war of sorts on the PC centre left, one that has been coming for awhile, between more traditional freedom loving liberal types/Left wing Libertarian types like Bill Mahar and myself and intersectional feminists who are largely responsible for the rising tide of the right in North America. I look forward to it.

Anonymous said...

If I learnt anything from the #metoo movement it's that we have to believe women. Trudeau needs to resign immediately.

Anonymous said...

Interesting fact though how Warren is just so peeved about Trudeau’s involvement in what was a minor incident so many years ago (inappropriate touching, apologized for, apology accepted) however he is absolutely comfortable and accepting of his friend, Doug Ford, the new premier of Ontario, a former drug dealer, that criminal activity also from many years ago. Mac

Clarke said...

Warren Kinsella needs to do some major shopping to buy sugar cubes for the high horse he rides around in. Warren is a climate change denier, is fanatically pro-Israel, has managed to dislike every Liberal leader since Chretien, and views Doug Ford and Stephen Harper as personal friends. I left the Liberal party because I was fed up with Justin's hypocrisy, but I do not think him acting inappropriately 20 some years ago merits him leaving office. If we apply this insane standard, no man who has ever behaved inappropriately even once in his life is fit to hold office, or be in a position of authority, or even hold a job.

Anonymous said...

2:22 Hear, Hear. I remember when Peter Lougheed had is fair well banquet in Southern Alberta many years ago. A pip squeak just graduated lawyer thought it was fun to rub himself on my back. I moved away...there he was again rubbing himself on my back. I landed him in the small of his back with my elbow and I hit him as hard as I could. He has not forgotten it. Every time I happen to see him, he always looks at me as if to say.....I remember. Do I think he should resign his law firm...No! But every woman who has been unwelcomely touched has the right to bring it to the fore masking sure it isn't left in silence. Anyong