Thursday, December 05, 2019

Relapse. They're Back to "Rocket Man" and "Dotard"

Hmmm, nice hair!

Maybe it's just another lovers' tiff. It began when the Mango Mussolini revived 'rocket man' when referring to North Korea's Kim Jong-Un. That got up Kim's backside and he fired right back.
A senior member of the North Korean government has again described Donald Trump as a "dotard" after the US President revived the war words with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un by calling him "Rocket Man." 
Choe Son Hui, North Korea's First Vice-Foreign Minister, was quoted by North Korea's state news agency as saying the foreign ministry "can not repress displeasure over the utterances made by President Trump inappropriately at the most sensitive time." 
Choe added: "If any language and expressions stoking the atmosphere of confrontation are used once again on purpose at a crucial moment as now, that must really be diagnosed as the relapse of the dotage of a dotard."
The dotage of a dotard.

Kim has said that Pyongyang is preparing a Christmas gift for the Cheeto Benito but just what they'll be sending depends on whether Trump is naughty of nice.


Anonymous said...

The dotard has a hard time with words, but the gold bling on Kim's horse is gonna rile him way more than any word(s)

How long 'til the dotard posts a photoshopped image of him shirtless on a solid gold horse?


The Mound of Sound said...

He does love everything gold, a.h.

Anonymous said...

World leaders calling each other names like they are having a schoolyard spat. What has this world come to?

The Mound of Sound said...

"What has this world come to?" Are you serious? Where to begin?

Anonymous said...

Children must play!