Saturday, December 21, 2019

Tory Convention Postponed to November, Next Decade

They must've scraped the barrel and didn't like what they dredged up.

Former Conservative leader, Andrew 'Chuckles' Scheer, is going to have to stew in ignominy until November, 2020, by which time the Tories hope they can find someone, anyone, to become their next leader.


Trailblazer said...

I guess Rona Ambrose did not take the bait?


The Disaffected Lib said...

I was wondering about that, TB. Maybe they want at least some field so it doesn't look like a fixed contest. Remember how Iggy was annointed. No, actually, it's better if you don't remember.

Trailblazer said...

Regardless of your politics we need good opposition.
The Conservatives seem to be having problems in deciding upon something that is universally palatable.


the salamander said...

.. oh.. deary me..
Is it not time Canada and Canadians.. (those coherent, concerned Canadians anyway) to simply detach from the so called 'conservative' Party & all its toxified baggage ? I don't see that 'remediation' is of any use whatsover. Though ideally rescue Michael Chong as an Indelendent MP. My understanding is that Pierre Poilievre is the Liberals 'dream leader' to go up against next election. Good for Canada ? I hardly think so.. just a greasier version of Scheer. I want to puke everytime I see his lips move. Canadian 'Values' ... right..

MainMedia think they're hip or cool or cutesy by calling them 'the tories' .. such a nice preppy bit of poli-talk jargoneez.. it rings & reeks to me of the annual Japanese 'Whaling For Science' hunt. This is the Mutation Brand Stephen Harper created as the CPC. The Conservative Party Of Canada.. via a hostile Brand takeover facilitated by Peter McKay who blatantly ripped off David Orchard for the leadership of The Progressive Conservative Party Of Canada. All Stephen Harper wanted was one word.. CONSERVATIVE .. that let him reBrand himself, his miserable ideology, his toxic rabble of Alliance & Reform.. as uh.. something relateable to John Diefenbaker or Bob Stanfield.. or I dunno.. John D MacDonald ? It was scummy back then in 2003, its even more scummy now as 2020 crashes towards us.

I resent how toxic governance and 'politics' in Canada has become. In my view, It was Harper who make it so toxic in my lifetime. In my nasty opinion, THAT IS THE HARPER LEGACY.. Election Fraud spread over the entire country .. 240 + ridings in 2011 - he destroyed environmental protection legislation regarding our navigable waters, and look at the evangelical sludge and chaff he introduced Canada to ! Senator Louise Batters, c'mon down ! Kenney, Arthur Hamilton, Charles McVey.. & how about Matt Wolf, now a Kenney style 'Albertan' ? Paul Calandra, Rob Anders, Dean del Mastro, weenie wagger Tony Clement, Vivian Krause, Peter Kent, Tom Flanagan another shiny new 'Albertan' and the wonderboy of Post Media Paul Godfrey.. the piece de resistance though was Ray Novak.. right out of UWO poli sci and into The Harper Garage apartment.. enroute to being the '2nd most powerful politician in Canada'.. never elected, never known.. to 99.999 % of Canadians though.. Riddle me that ! Harper redefined 'captured government' as 'sold out government' and embraced the trickery and black ops of his dear friends, America's GOP found agains..

We now find ourselves with a Liberal Government, modelling itself on similar patterns.. competing against a 'Formal Opposition' that's 'led by' Andrew Scheer - avowed evangelical Catholic pro lifer until next fall.. wherupon a new 'leader' shall be annointed to crusade on some vague promise to 'put more money in our pockets' .. and perhaps pimp for the dead in the water Energy East pipedream.. you know.. to replace all that unethical oil from the US shale wells and Saudi Arabia.. with the holy blessed dilbit from Alberta's tar sands

Hell, Mound.. I've barely scratched or screeched the surface of the 'Alberta Advantage' under Lord of the Carpetbaggers Harper, disciples Kenney & Ford or the 'conservative Party' septic tank spill.. mebbe will get my second wind later ?

Anonymous said...

the national convention is postponed until November, 2020. that’s not the leadership convention. it’ll happen before then.

Lulymay said...

@ Anonymous 5:24 am

Sorry, old dear, I agree that Nov 2020 is not a leadership convention, but not that it'll happen before then because by my observations, it was decided years ago and yes! still leader and champion of right wing politics is the ONE, the only! Stephen J Harper! Yeah...or some such thing.

If anyone thinks that he ever let go of the reins of the C R A P or whatever iteration the current party calls itself, Harper has been at the controls ever since sly Peter handed the reins to him and it will continue to be. A control freak never give up control. I should add that I'm comforted by that because while there are many conservatives who would like to have a party that reflects their views, the Reformers just don't cut it.

Cheers to all this holiday season and let's continue to hope for some sanity in 2020.