Monday, February 25, 2008

Is Hillary Now Reduced to Sarcasm?

Oh how the mighty have fallen. Like the Bismark at the end, circling haplessly, its rudder jammed, and firing its cannon desperately in all directions, Hillary Clinton seems reduced to mocking her rival, Barack Obama, with a desperate barrage of sarcasm while she circles, waiting for the end.

I'm not counting Hillary out but that's not the impression she herself is giving. The public has already shown they have no appetite for this approach and it does have a sad emptiness to it, as though Ms. Clinton has run out of anything else with which to lure support to her faltering campaign.

Mockery exudes desperation and fear, not the hallmark qualities of a come-from-behind presidential aspirant. Besides, it's far too easy for Obama to swat away like nothing more than a pesky fly. He gets to focus on his message, she's forced to focus on him. That's a losing hand at any table.

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Anonymous said...

obama is a sarcastic joke, has anyone really listen to this joke, uh hope, uh uh hope hope and more hope, uh and may I say...hope...
well here a little secret hussein, no moe money bush spent it all,,, so wheres ur hope???