Friday, February 22, 2008

Hillier Does It Again

The headline in the Toronto Star tells it all - "Support Our Soldiers, Hillier Tells MPs."

Hillier says if parliament extends "the mission" to 2011, MPs should pass a motion expressing their support for Canadian troops in Afghanistan. Implicit in that is the message that support for the troops, indeed patriotism itself, is a question of extending Hillier's wobbly, hapless mission. That means that the NDP or BQ, for example, are clearly unpatriotic and hate the troops.

If Hillier was interested in "supporting the troops" he'd be out there howling at the moon to get his piddling force reinforced, big time. Instead he wants a motion that's more about endorsing his slack ass than anything to do with our soldiers.


Anonymous said...

He reminds me a lot of Julian Fantino.

As Toronto police chief he was always grinding his own ax and tellings us what we should be doing or thinking.
He did not understand that if he wanted to say these things he should run for office not try to "serve the public".

JimBobby said...

Whooee! I reckon if Hillier really wanted to support the troops he'd want them fightin' a worthwhile mission fer a worthwhile cause.

We're over there to prop up former CIA operative Hamid Karzai and his warlord-ruled narco-state, The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Our kids are dying so Afghan judges can impose the death penalty for crimes such as "humiliating Islam" or converting from Islam to Christianity.

90% of the aid money supposed be rebuilding Afstan is siphoned off to graft and corruption. The detainee issue has yet to be resolved. The top government officials, personally appointed by Karzai, are warlords, torturers and drug dealers.

Hillier should remember that we're supposed to be fightin' fer democracy and freedom.