Monday, February 04, 2008

Afghanistan - That Flushing Sound

According to The Guardian, Afghan and NATO forces have managed to kill another bagful of civilians including women and kids. The supposed bad guy? Well, he got away.

A district police chief in Farah province says the troops stormed the house of a suspected Taliban leader Mullah Manan and by the time the final shell casing hit the floor the soldiers had killed nine, incuding two women and two children, but Manan got away.

Troops in the British-controlled Helmand province did better. They killed the suspected Taliban and merely wounded his 8-year old daughter.

Meanwhile the sister paper, The Observer, managed to get unpublished figures from allied military sources showing that insurgent attacks on international and Afghan troops jumped somewhere between 20 and 33% last year.

"Nato sources argue that more troops are needed to fill gaps in the south west in particular but argue that targeting resources on providing more training teams for the nascent Afghan army would do more good than pouring in soldiers. A particular frustration for the US is the restrictions imposed by national governments on the deployment of their troops. Germany, France, Italy and Spain - the latter two countries with troops in western Afghanistan - all agreed last year to send troops to the violent south, but only in extremis. Since the agreement, no troops from those countries have been deployed.

General Carlos Branco, spokesman for Nato forces in Afghanistan, conceded to reporters last month that violence had increased in Afghanistan, but argued that suicide bombs reflected desperation by the Taliban. 'As an insurgency movement, the Taliban movement are a failure,' he said."

Gee, if the Taliban are failing, we must be winning, right? Now ain't that good news? What is that flushing sound anyway?

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Anonymous said...

We are the only patsies. Other NATO countries are protecting their men and women. Thank you Uncle Harper! Or is it Uncle Tom, nephew to Uncle Sam.