Monday, February 18, 2008

Kandahar Governor Criticizes Canadian Forces

Another suicide bombing in Kandahar, the second in as many days. This time 36-dead, all Afghanis, with four Canadian soldiers reportedly wounded.

The governor of Kandahar province, Asadullah Khaled, seems to blame Canadian soldiers for provoking the attack. From the New York Times:

“The enemy of Islam, the enemy of Afghans, are trying to sabotage the peace process,” Mr. Khaled said while visiting the family of a local police commander, Abdul Hakim Jan, who was killed Sunday. “We need to be united and eradicate them at the root,” Mr. Khaled said of the insurgents.

At a news briefing later in the day, Mr. Khaled lashed out at Canadian forces for patrolling in crowded places when there was a known suicide bomb threat in the area.

He said the Afghan security forces had received information that a suicide bombing was planned and had warned the Canadian military, but he complained they did not heed the warnings.

“We told NATO six times not to come in these areas because for the last two days a suicide bomber has been circulating,” Mr. Khaled said at a news briefing in the city of Kandahar. “But they continue patrolling the area. We repeatedly told them not to come out until we arrest the suicide bomber.”


JimBobby said...

Khalid is the same Governor Khalid who was accused of personally torturing prisoners. He's also the same Khalid who didn't remember ever talking with Petey MacKay even though there was a photo. I don't trust anything this guys sez.

He "lashed out" at Canadians forces? Hmmm... I thought we were there to prop up him and his fellow drug-dealin' warlords. There might be a backlash if he keeps on lashin' out. Ingrate!

The way these locals are playin' both sides, maybe they thought he was just tellin' 'em to steer clear on accounta he was movin' a bigass load of opium.

It's a dang problem when the occupiers can't trust their local puppet to behave as he's told. Bigger bribes might buy his loyalty.


The Mound of Sound said...

I know what you're saying JB. Then again, Canadian military leaders can't say enough good things about Khaled.

"Playing both sides"? Say it ain't so.

There are only two sides in this thing - NATO's and everyone else's.