Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Peeking Into Mulroney's Bags of Cash

The Brian Mulroney soap opera resumes today when former aide Norman Spector testifies before the Commons ethics committee. Spector supposedly has information pertaining to piles of cash that were delivered to 24 Sussex Drive while Mulroney was prime minister.

So many questions. Why cash? Did Mulroney hit the stores for bouts of shopping? I guess Mila did. Whose cash was it? Who delivered it and why? How did Mulroney treat the money for tax purposes? How was it recorded and where are those records today? What, if anything, did Mulroney do to get this money? Did Mulroney keep a safe in the basement to handle this cashflow? Where did all this cash go?

After Spector, former justice minister Allan Rock is expected to testify, presumably in regard to Mulroney's defamation lawsuit against the government of Canada. Again, so many questions.

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