Wednesday, November 28, 2007

But Will He Talk?

Karlheinz Schreiber is on his way to Ottawa. Opposition MPs want the Speaker to let Schreiber spend tonight in his house, hoping that might make him more co-operative when he appears tomorrow before the ethics committee.

Will Schreiber talk? That's the great unknown. What more can he say about Brian Mulroney and Frank Moores than he's already said, on camera, to CBC? Maybe there's not a lot more to tell, although it would be helpful, to everyone involved including Mulroney, to get Schreiber's account under oath and be able to test his statements through cross-examination.

Even if Schreiber dummies up that won't put an end to Mulroney's troubles. He's already got too many facts and claims on the record, either personally or through his spokesmen, to avoid having to answer a lot of tough questions.

My instincts tell me not to expect too much tomorrow. I'm guessing that Schreiber's performance will be a real letdown.

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