Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Commonwealth's Last Dinosaur - Harper

Howard is gone and, with him, so goes Australia's support for Canada's effort to thwart Commonwealth efforts to pass a resolution calling for binding targets for greenhouse gas emission cuts.

Now the world can see Green Stevie for what he truly is, a dissembler who pays lip service to the global warming crisis but is intent on doing everything he can to let Big Oil dodge the consequences of that. Harper likes Bush's way of doing business. Say what people want to hear and then do just the opposite.

A Commonwealth official told the Toronto Star, "There is no sense there is a serious commitment to make the changes in the Canadian economy that we will all need to make in response to the challenge."

You think?

What better way to block essential emission caps than to fall back on Big Polluter Grid Lock. This has Canada and the United States saying no deal until China and India sign on and those two countries saying their pre capita emissions are a mere fraction of our own so no deal until the states primarily responsible for creating the existing crisis (the US in particular) take the lead.

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