Saturday, November 24, 2007

Howard Down in Flames.

Australia's nasty little troll, non-Liberal prime minister John Howard, has been given the boot. The genuinely little man loved coal even more than the Chinese, opposed Kyoto and, of course, subscribed to the entire "War on Terror" series.

In fairness, Howard had brought economic prosperity to Australia, largely based on coal exports to China. Not quite the same thing as pushing crystal meth to 1.3-billion addicts but close enough.

The best part is the report that the whiny little bugger is also expected to lose his own seat.

The Australian newspaper The Age, headlined the election as, "A Triumph of Humility Over Hubris."

"Unfortunately for the Liberals and Nationals, all of the opinion polls, the focus group testing and, yes, the 2007 election result, suggest that when an increasing number of voters looked at the Prime Minister and his senior colleagues during their fourth term, they saw too much arrogance and a little too much self-satisfaction."

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