Friday, November 30, 2007

The US Supreme Court's Mute

US Supreme Court judge Clarence Thomas is never short of words when he wants to slag liberals but, on the bench, he's a mute.

This guy has to be the most disinterested judge in history, save for those old farts who just nod off (they really do exist, truste me). The thing is, Clarence somehow stays awake and yet he still has nothing to say.

Now, good judges usually allow counsel to have their say without undue interruptions. Every now and then, though, especially at the appellate level, they do need to question how a lawyer contends certain case law or statutes ought to be applied to the facts of a given case. It's at the highest levels that the law truly evolves to suit society's evolution.

So what's the deal with Thomas? In the course of this year's hearings, US Supreme Court justices spoke out 2,244 times. Justice Thomas' contribution to the legal discourse? 0, nothing, nil, nada... zip.

In fact, according to the Wall Street Journal's law blog, Supreme Court Justice Thomas, hasn't even farted since February, 2006. He's not asked a question, he's not made a comment, in almost two years.

No wonder he's got time to write tomes slagging liberals.

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Jay said...

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