Thursday, November 15, 2007

You Decide - Did Mulroney Lie Under Oath?

The following is a verbatim transcript of the sworn statement made by Brian Mulroney in the course of his lawsuit against the government of Canada.

Counsel: Did you maintain contact with Mr., er, Schreiber after you ceased to be prime minister?

Brian Mulroney: Well, from time to time, not very often, when he was going through Montreal, he would give me a call, we would have a cup of coffee, I think once or twice, and he told me that he continued to work on his projects, ah, that he was pushing the new government, and he told me that the idea of the project at that point was ______ , but the desirability at the time was to work with the provincial government of Quebec and the federal government, ah, the new federal government, to establish this new project in the east end of Montreal where the jobs were badly required and he told me that, um, he had hired Marc Lalonde to represent his interests before the new Liberal government.

Did Brian Mulroney lie? The account of his dealings with Schreiber after leaving office doesn't conform with his current position that he met with Schreiber at least three times at which Schreiber gave him cash-stuffed envelopes totalling $300,000 and that the money was a retainer that Mulroney subsequently earned by representing Schreiber's business interests.

I've represented many clients but I've never heard of anyone earning $300,000 for meeting with a guy once or twice for a cup of coffee.
Then there's Schreiber's as yet uncorroborated allegation that, in October, 1999, Mulroney and one of his lawyers placed a call to one of Schreiber's lawyers, Robert Hladun, asking that Schreiber for a statement asserting that at no time did Mulroney solicit or receive any money from Schreiber. If Hladun corroborates Schreiber's account, Mulroney has a serious problem in light of his latest acknowledgements of the payments.


Oldschool said...

Schreiber, like a Taliban prisoner, at this point will say anything . . . his credibility is zero!!!

The Mound of Sound said...

Preschool, you're really beginning to sound like an idiot. This is the sworn evidence of Brian Mulroney given in the course of his examination for discovery in his lawsuit against the government of Canada. This isn't what Schreiber was or has since said. This is about what Brian Mulroney said, under oath, and how that contrasts with what he and his spokesmen have said since then.

Please, your credibility is zero!!!