Friday, November 16, 2007

They Can't Be Trusted

Saturday's Globe & Mail editorial says it all:

"Canadians cannot believe a word the RCMP have to say over the taser death of Robert Dziekanski."

Not a word. They killed this man and then waged a disinformation campaign to cover their backsides. Gee, haven't we heard this before? Remember a kid named Ian Bush who wound up with a bullet fired into the back of his head, supposedly in self defence by an RCMP officer who said he was pinned, face down, on the floor of a cell with Bush at his back? Guess what? That's an impossibility, just maybe not to the RCMP.

They always get their man. Do they ever. Wish it weren't so.
This time, though, they weren't so lucky. A guy named Paul Pritchard was there with a video camera. He captured the truth we weren't going to get from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

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Anonymous said...

Ok so I'm normally the last guy to run to the defense of the mounties, I believe they should stick to federal matters and nothing more, this airport thing is tragic and does show officers using excessive force before it was even possibly needed. but when you mention the Ian Bush bull you need to do your research a bit more.