Thursday, November 29, 2007

Playing Semantics With Global Warming

Define "major emitters."

EnviroMin John Baird revealed his disingenous commitment to the fight against global warming today when he fell back on the old saw that all major emitters of greenhouse gases must agree to reduce their emissions or there'll be no deal, at least not for Canada.

Of course, Baird's con game is to ignore per capita emissions and consider solely total emissions. That completely ignores population disparities among nations. For example, India is now a "major emitter" of GHGs based on its overall population but not when you work out how much the average Indian emits compared to the average Canadian.

Baird wants a sweetheart deal for the white folks, you and me. We'll pretend we're not the real problem and haven't been for the past half century or better.

It's clearly open to the Indians to argue that they'll meet our conditions just as soon as Canada's per capita GHG emission levels come down to their own. How patently unreasonable. That would mean we'd have to cut our emissions by 90% or more, just for starters. Don't these backward (i.e. non-white) types know that we have some God-given right to be energy hogs and GHG swine? It's not our fault if they come in at a billion plus population.
Maybe what Baird should be saying is what he really means. If you want to play in our league, get rid of a billion or so of your people and then we'll have a level playing field. Now don't forget, Baird and Harper are the same Con-men who won't give up their "intensity-based" swindle for the TarSands.


ladybroadoak said...

Nor give up the nuclear industry SWINDLE.

Drop by and straighten some of them folks right out!!

Karen said...

Blatant and I'm glad to see I wasn't the only wonk following the meeting, but well said.

ladybroadoak said...

It's been a horror of day blogging.

When I am fine fiddle, I shall give you my PRECISE analysis of


after living in the UK, the US, and here for long periods and a self imposed education, I have figured out ALOT.

What a buncha crooks! Unbelievable.

All you can do is hope that they listen once in awhile. Try and watch what happens over there.

Not much ACTUAL analysis, but a few good posters .. and the fights are just amazing. I think garth is doing the Liberal party "spin" behind the scenes. LOL.

You can get my UK/US/Canada stuff on RSS feed via blogger. I try to KEEP UP.

Harper is TOAST on the international scene now, before he was just an inconvience to whisper about in the REAL press or worse, to his mind, IGNORED.

Rudd did not win becuz of climate concerns, Howard shoot off his own bootz during campaigning actually.

But it GLOBAL warming is gonna bring down The Harper and his tar sands in your face allies; this is a SMALL sandbox.

Do this google, too

Gordon McGuinty

Dalton's extremely awful cousin, first dumping nuclear TRASH, now hanging out with the hoi polloi in Calgary. That will lead you to a document exposing Harper's Dick Cheney-style "energy Task Force" All the players are on there from 2006.

I'll hunt down the list if you can't find it.

If you keep up with Brit left, demos, antiweapons people etc. you'll see a way to expose these awful people, doing it here in Canada. They key is to get them on ARMS dealing.

I don't have time to track the TELECOMS but that's where BIG MONEY Is coming into Canada since the crash in August. Ditto copper mines. They KNOW about the superprofits .. copper is next to URANIUM.

Lots and lots about that on my other blog,

Really really great to meetcha. I get kinda tired of arguing with right wingers .. I "attract" them like FLIES in Canada.

The Mound of Sound said...

Hi Knb. Thanks, always good to hear from you. Hi to you too, Lady Broadoak. You've got so much energy you wore me out just trying to keep up with your comments. I share your views about arguing with the far right. I see it as a complete waste of time - for them and me. The vitriolic rage is a sign of what's wrong with blogging. People who wouldn't say boo to you in person become emboldened by their ability to snipe from the shadows of anonymity. Pathetic, really.