Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mushie to Bushie - Get Lost! Bushie to Mushie - You're the Greatest!

You can thank Pervez Musharraf for showing the world what happens when you tell the President of the United States to piss off. He wets his pants and then gives you a great big, Crawford, Texas hug.

In response to Mushie's declaration of martial law in Pakistan three weeks ago, Bush reacted angrily. He said his aides warned the dictator that the state of emergency "would undermine democracy."

Bush even sent his tough guy Negroponte to Islamabad to read the riot act to Musharraf.

In an interview with ABC News, Bush now says Musharraf "truly is somebody who believes in democracy."

From The Washington Post:

Tom Malinowski, Washington director of Human Rights Watch said that "it's hard to imagine how the administration will be able to achieve anything in Pakistan if the president is so disconnected from reality."

"Almost everyone in Pakistan who believes in George Bush's vision of democracy is in prison today," Malinowski said. "Calling the man who put them in prison a great democrat will only discredit America among moderate Pakistanis and give Musharraf confidence that he can continue to defy the United States because Bush will forgive anything he does."

Is it any wonder that a lot of Pakistanis now call their dictator "Busharraf"?

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