Wednesday, November 28, 2007

He'll Be Back Before You Know It

It sounds as though Conrad Black has some hope of getting off lightly when he comes up before a Chicago judge for sentencing next month.

Right now the consensus is that Black can expect to get something in the range of 5 to 7-years if the judge accepts the findings of a court-ordered report. The pre-sentencing report disputes some of the claims the prosecution is making in seeing a 20-year term for Black.

The report concludes the amount actually lost was about $6-million, not the $32-million alleged by prosecutors, notes that the crime was not a "sophisticated" as in meticulously planned fraud, and that most of the misconduct happened outside the U.S.

The National Post reveals how overzealous Black's prosecutors can be. They're asking that "the relevant-conduct analysis should consider not only convicted conduct, but also acquitted and uncharged criminal conduct that is proved by a preponderance of evidence." Say what? They want the judge to assess Black's sentence by incorporating conduct for which he's either not been charged or has been acquitted? I don't much care for Connie but this is really piling on

Wonder what Babs is going to do. Will she dump Connie and go for a new suitor or will she hang around and wait for her Lordship to come back to her open arms?

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