Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mission Accomplished, Steve

Mr. Smug, obviously pleased with himself, after scuttling the Commonwealth resolution calling for binding targets to fight global warming (toronto star photo).
What Stephen Harper truly "gets" about climate change is how to sabotage any serious effort to tackle it. He must make his bosses - Bush/Cheney and Big Oil - pleased, especially given that their other dinosaur, Australia's Howard, just went down the toilet.
Harper, on the world scene, says he won't commit to any binding targets agreement until the US, China and India also sign on. However that's just empty rhetoric, fodder for the weak-minded among his supporters. He's lying. Harper has already made clear that he cannot accept carbon caps. He won't go past "intensity based" emission controls. That makes discussion of any meaningful plan - regardless of India, China and the US - a farce.
Our prime ministerial grease ball is focused on one thing - undermining the growing campaign to tackle global warming.


Red Tory said...

Heh. Seems we were on the same wavelength on this one. Sort of.

Anonymous said...

One small political step for Conservatives, one huge leap for his own destruction.

Just look at what happened in Australia.

The Mound of Sound said...

Hey, RT. Great minds... or was that "feeble"? Any yes, Anon, we can live in hope and take inspiration in Rudd.