Friday, November 16, 2007

Give Schreiber the Boot

I agree with The Grumpy Voter. If Schreiber has tied his willingness to give evidence in the Airbus affair to whether he gets extradited to Germany, we ought to just give him the boot.

My preference would be to delay his extradition until we can get him before a duly convened, judicial proceeding, swear him in and let him have his say. If he doesn't want to talk, we can treat it as though he has nothing further to add.

Quite frankly I'm not sure there's a lot more that Schreiber can say now that we really need. It would be useful to get him under oath to put on record the business about BM and his lawyer calling Schreiber's lawyer to ask for a statement denying that funds changed hands but that's about it.

No more nonsense from Karlheinz.


Sean Cummings said...

I just can't help but feel as each day passes that the government, opposition, the media and most importantly, the taxpayer are being played here. I'd initially wanted to believe this was about Mulroney, but I am now more than ever convinced this is really about Schreiber doing anything to avoid a prison term in Germany. That Canadians are falling for this is troubling....

Anonymous said...

This guy is just taking the gullible public opinion for all it's worth, glad to see some people are finally catching wind of if only the majority would follow suit.