Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Avoid Internet Explorer 9 Beta

I've been having nothing but trouble since I installed the beta release of Internet Explorer 9. There seem to be enormous compatability issues with Blogger. Features like embedding links or italics don't work and paragraph spacing is an exercise in futility.

For those reasons you might want to give IE9 a pass until it's released in final form. If you've got any fixes or suggestions, please pass them along.


Jamala said...

Chrome all the way. But what's better than a fast browser? Fast internet that you can take anywhere. The Rover Puck was just released... it's a prepaid mobile hotspot that allows you to share 4g internet with up to 8 devices... this thing is LIGHTENING fast! :) Alright, I might be biased, but I have never had browser problems using 4G. Thanks for the heads-up about the faulty IE, I won't go there for a while!

Jamala at Rover.com

Cliff said...

Dude, the only use for Explorer is the time it takes to use it to download a better browser.

Anonymous said...

While IE9 beta is buggy, the JS rendering is quick.

mage said...

At times Chrome left me swearing with its periodical crash but compared to IE its much way better. Even with this statistics, its too early to judged the outcome of the newest version. Complicated as it may seem cause some of us are inclined into using browser in a single window but modifications of IE specially the taskbar-tab-enabled thing takes the lead in innovation.

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