Sunday, October 17, 2010

A Breath of Fresh Air From the Edmonton Journal

Alberta is Harper country, plain and simple.   That's why it was refreshing to read the Edmonton Journal lay the blame for Canada's failure to win a UN Security Council seat right where it belongs - at the feet of Stephen Harper:

Regardless of what you think of the UN, we are not held in the same high regard we once were. In the second round of voting, we were supported by only 40 per cent of member nations (Portugal 113, Canada 78).

To top it off, Harper is like the child who blames everyone but himself for his failures.
Instead of "manning up," the Tories offer the classic dog-ate-my-homework excuse that it's all Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff's fault for saying in a single, informal interview that the government's actions did not merit a seat on the council.

I'm unsure how Foreign Affairs Minister Lawrence Cannon could keep a straight face when he trotted out that classic, but it may be the thought of Harper's typical, mean-spirited retribution as evidenced by how he treated Helena Guergis based on rumours. With the "Iggy did it" canard, the Conservatives keep their hypocrisy record intact by an opportunistic attack on opposition criticism of Harper's policies.

In 2003 Harper cowrote a letter to the Wall Street Journal criticizing Jean Chretien for not supporting the Brits and Yanks by sending troops to Iraq. Publicly opposing government policy on important matters is apparently OK only when Harper does it. In that letter, Harper and Stockwell Day wrote, as representatives of the then Canadian Alliance: "Prime Minister Jean Chretien has left Canada outside this multilateral coalition of nations."
Stephen Harper, or as I like to call him "the two legged tantrum we call prime minister" is pretty rapidly turning into the clown prince.   This bozo, who promised to elevate Canada's stature on the world stage, has instead transformed our country into a joke and, in some aspects, a global pariah.  Maybe the U.N. simply didn't want him kicking their chairs.


double nickel said...

Was that an Editorial or a Letter to the Editor?

Anonymous said...

I wish that more journalists and editorial board would stop being cheap stenographers or feign neutrality while being partisan.

It reminds me of Adrian MacNair (or whatever he calls himself lately).
Now I could go on about that free speech warrior censoring comments but that will be another day...

He seems flustered by Warren Kinsella working for SUN...

None doubt that Kinsella is a courtesan and has a certain liberal bias (but only selective) and he is unabashedly pro-Isreal - like any courtesan he seems willing to whore himself out...

Adrian seems jealous when he writes: "And I’m going to school to join the ranks of this industry…"

Unlike Kinsella, Adrian does not disclose his bias and seems to imply that he is a journalist... (Kinsella is a columnist - something different).

What is maddening is that the general public does not know of these biases.

I know that you have been criticized for not sucking back Liberal propaganda and accepting Iggy. Instead you have rightfully looked at the man's actions.

Sadly, you have assmonkeys that lack any critical thinking skills (CanadianSense for example)

Adrian, lacks any integrity as a reporter and I hope that if he does get a job, whoever employs him is reminder that by his presence, the paper loose all credibility.....

Anonymous said...

I was at a hockey game recently, the national anthem doesn't seem to have as much spirit anymore, and I for one will not sing for Harperland, he is definitely turning Canada into a joke. Contrary to the old Molson Canadian commercials, I can not proudly sew my countries flag on my backpack.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:27...I too have taken my Canadian flag off my luggage and a T-shirt that was given to me when I did some volunteer work for an international event which I was proud to wear. Anyong