Saturday, October 30, 2010

Conrad Black - Close, But No Cigar

"The evidence of pecuniary fraud is so compelling that no reasonable jury could have refused to convict the defendants of it," Judge Richard Posner
Conrad Black scored a Pyrrhic victory yesterday after a U.S. appeals court reversed two of this three fraud convictions.   The two convictions were set aside on technicalities, meaning prosecutors can retry Black on those charges.

Unfortunately for Connie, the pecuniary fraud charge was affirmed which guts his argument that, on the fourth charge, there was no obstruction of justice because there had been no previous crime.

Depending on the trial judge, Conrad Black could be back at the Greybar Hotel in time for Christmas.  I'm actually sympathetic toward the old goat.  He's done enough time, the important point - his fraud conviction - stands, now let him go.


Anonymous said...

I really loved reading the articles he wrote from the hoosegow - always good for a host of belly-laughs.

Please, please, send him back for a while so that he can write more.


The Mound of Sound said...

Yeah, well, some observers are speculating the trial judge who will have to reconsider the initial sentencing - and who may hold Black's freedom in her hands - may be influenced by some of the harsher things he wrote about America's judicial system. So he may resume his incarcerated journalism quite soon.

Anonymous said...

Sympathetic. Ah, in Conrad's case, the shoe fits.

double nickel said...

Screw him. Why's he special? Back to the hoosegow with him.