Friday, October 22, 2010

A Playbook for Michael Ignatieff

The IgLibs have presented themselves as a hesitant, awkward bunch - fickle and unsure of themselves.   Well, ready or not, the Libs may soon have to fight an election.   Given their lack of focus (call it "spine" if you choose) they should be grateful that Gerald Caplan has charted out a dandy strategy for knocking off Furious Leader Harper.

C'mon Michael, even you can cut and paste.


Beijing York said...

That is an excellent article by Gerald Caplan.

The past 6-months have been the worst for Harper and still the opposition fail to get traction. The census fiasco got most of its traction thanks to every segment of Canadian society calling it an absolutely moronic move. The opposition were fueled to get on top of that file thanks to that groundswell of condemnation.

The Liberals played the long gun registry well but then got distracted with a pissing match against the NDP.

All in all, our opposition parties are failing Canadians bit time. But what kills me is this from Caplan's article:

But surely the government is most vulnerable in the area that, with awe-inspiring chutzpah, they tout as their greatest asset – economic management. Amazingly enough, they want this to be the ballot question. The Conservative spin begins with The Big Joke that the Prime Minister is a “trained economist,” a myth repeated by lazy reporters. This bit of folklore is at the heart of the government’s case for its credibility.

If I were Harper's economic professor, I would be embarrassed by this clown. Yet the oppositions fails to call him out on his failure in managing the economy. They take a piece meal approach to attacking the Conservatives without ever attacking their whole economic agenda with some kind of vision.

Anonymous said...

Ignatieff should be replaced, though I can't offer a good suggestion as to who. It's the same as with BC politics, the opposition can't find a good candidate.