Saturday, October 16, 2010

Will Gordon Campbell At Last Fall on His Sword?

If the hopelessly reviled British Columbia premier won't put himself out of his well deserved misery his caucus had better do it or they're in for the same.

Angus Reid puts Gordo's popularity at just 9%.   That's lower than any other premier, including Van der Zalm and Clark, and every other BC premier since Angus Reid began polling in 1979.

You would think that Campbell's descent into electoral hell would have been reflected in a real boost for the default alternative option, the NDP's Carole James.   Nope.   We've seen enough of her that, even with a pushover like Campbell to help her, she still languishes at just 27% popularity, far behind her party.   Much as I loathe Campbell, I think Carole James is an arrogant dud, a feeling that seems fairly common to British Columbians.   If she becomes our next premier it'll be because she was the second worst choice.   In other words, most of us will don the gas masks before we next visit the polls.

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