Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Will 2010 Be America's Most Corrupt Election Ever?

This is definitely the "money talks" election in the United States.   There's much at stake in this election for Big Business and the billionaire rentiers who sit atop the American heap and they're throwing big bucks at it to ensure it goes their way, the far Right way.

Democracy in America was immeasurably corrupted by the now radical Right U.S. Supreme Court of Chief Justice Roberts.   That much was plain from the utterly perverse Citizens United case that equated money with speech and extended the right of free speech to corporations whether American or even foreign.   The case gave a green light to corporations to  throw money into skewing American elections - and governments - to their liking.  And boy are they going to town.   Corporatism has descended like a blanket on America and, as Mussolini made plane, fascism is corporatism.

The quiet dismantling of American representative democracy is both alarming and fascinating.  Here are some articles detailing what is actually transpiring today in the United States:

"Bailed-Out Companies Spending Big Money to Elect Politicians They Favor,"

"12 of America's Most Crooked Candidates on the Ballot in the 2010 Election."

"Corporate Hijacking of Our Elections is Well Under Way, With Foreign Companies Chipping In to Destroy Our Democracy."

Just as corporatism is racing through the back door to subvert American representative democracy and supplant it with corporatist oligarchy, so too are America's top billionaires flexing their muscle to fuel groups of idiots, like the Tea Party movement, to unwittingly do their bidding.  The Guardian's George Monbiot chronicles the false consciousness of the Tea Party and how its members have succumbed to outright delusions foisted on them by the likes of Charles and David Koch who run what they like to call "the biggest company you've never heard of."

This is indeed a dark day for American democracy.

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