Saturday, October 30, 2010

Upping the Ante in Afghanistan

A joint Russian-US drug raid in his own backyard has Afghan president Hamid Karzai almost apoplectic.

The raids destroyed four drug labs and seized about a tonne of heroin and morphine, a quarter billion dollars worth.

The drug lords aren't going to be happy and I assume a hunk of the loss will be coming out of Karzai's cut.   The Afghan government and bureaucracy are widely believed to be in league with the country's narcotics establishment, a contributing factor in Afghanistan being rated one of the five most corrupt nations on the planet.

Karzai is routinely criticized for protecting drug lords.  It's been apparent in that not one key drug kingpin has been prosecuted since Karzai was popped into office after the Talibs were sent packing.

The wisdom of going after the narcotics industry at this point in the campaign is perplexing.   Our side is already having little luck tackling the Taliban.   At this point do we really need more enemies?  Don't forget some of the drug lords are also warlords who have been sitting on the fence.    This could stir them up and create additional headaches for NATO troops. 

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