Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"We Stand Shoulder to Shoulder with ...Israel. End of Story."

What?  Really?  Before he sacrificed his own genitals to self-mutilation for political expediency, Michael Ignatieff embraced a far more nuanced, balanced, honest and plain-spoken perspective on Israel and the Palestinians.   Now the Liberal Lizard King has shed that skin and wrapped himself in new scales.

And this is what the Liberal Party of Canada is to become?  Its integrity sacrificed to political expediency for a hack who couldn't get elected dog catcher in a one-man race?

C'mon, really, dig deep.  This guy isn't Liberal.

h/t Pogge


Anonymous said...

what a strange man this Ignatieff is.

Jo said...

You feel the same way about Iggy that I do...!

Doz said...

This Liberal stands shoulder to shoulder with Israel's Palestinian victims. Besides, Harper already has the job of holding the bully's coat locked up.

Beijing York said...

There will be no credible opposition from the Liberals until they replace Ignatieff.

The LPC sacrificed Dion in order place Joe Lieberman of the north at the helm. They quietly stood aside and let the Harper goons get away with the "Not a Leader" campaign.