Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Harper is "Truculent and Unreasonable." Who Knew? Apparently His Caucus Knew.

Consider him the "Iron Chancellor" without any of the leadership skills or unifying talent of Otto von Bismarck.   I guess that would make him the "Iron Dilettante" maybe. 

Anyway, the two-legged tantrum we call a prime minister, went over the top on the United Arab Emirates dispute, causing some of his caucus to turn on him.  From the Globe & Mail:

"The UAE has been seeking additional lucrative landing rights for two state-backed air carriers at Canadian airports, and Mr. MacKay was one of several ministers, including Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz and International Trade Minister Peter Van Loan, who had favoured doing more to help the Arab ally, a senior Conservative MP said.

The Prime Minister ultimately cut these ministers out of negotiations, the official said, favouring the forceful arguments against big concessions advanced earlier this year by former transport minister John Baird.

The loss of the base has left some cabinet members frustrated and angry at how Mr. Harper handled it.

“[It’s] all gone because of a fit of pique and a hard [core] position that is truculent and unreasonable against Canada’s short- and long-term interests,” the MP said.
Ottawa was ordered last week to vacate Camp Mirage within 30 days, but the UAE escalated the conflict even further on Monday, barring Mr. MacKay and Chief of Defence Staff Walt Natynczyk from even entering its airspace during a flight from Afghanistan. Prevented from landing at Camp Mirage, the pair were forced to reroute through Europe."

There's a man with some serious emotional problems.   Cutting your defence minister, agricultural minister and international trade minister out of negotiations with an Arab country that, for nine years, has allowed you to use their territory for a vital forward base?  Captain Queeg to the bridge.   Captain Queeg to the bridge.


Beijing York said...

I hope his caucus is turning on him. Reminds me of the film, "The Night of the Generals" - the NAZI brain trust started to realize that Hitler was a raving psychopath.

The Mound of Sound said...

Now, now, B.Y., you must be fair as I strive so hard to be. Furious Leader is not a raving psychopath. He's merely a wildly ambitious sociopath with a very limited, narrow skillset.

Anonymous said...

How about a gross incompetent in, WAY over his head?

Anonymous said...

I wonder what Dion thinks.

Anonymous said...

Just a bunch of commies.