Saturday, October 16, 2010

EU Pressing for Arctic Deepwater Drilling Ban

European Union vice-president Diana Wallis says there'll be protesters marching the streets if the fragile Arctic environment isn't safeguarded.   Wallis claims there's been plenty of talk but no action and doesn't want the region's fate left entirely to the club of Arctic nations:

At a workshop under the aegis of NATO held at Cambridge University,  Wallis said she was bored by continuing talk rather than immediate action over wider participation in the Arctic Council.

"It's got to be widened out. If we don't do things then people will take to the streets to make sure something is done over climate change," she argued.

The Arctic Council is largely made up of nations with coastal regions surrounding the north pole, such as Russia, Norway and Greenland. The council is charged with protecting the environment.

It's hard to imagine what Wallis is worrying about. Surely you don't think Ottawa would sacrifice the Arctic environment for oil and gas riches, do you? Why just look at the wonderful job they've done in Athabasca.

In fact, Canada, the U.S. and Russia are just waiting to pounce on the resources of the Arctic. Let's face it kids, our Canada is now a classic petro-state and all this business about environmental safeguards is a bet you probably shouldn't take.

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