Saturday, October 02, 2010

Pot - In California It's Not a Crime, It's an Infraction

California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has decriminalized possession of small quantities of marijuana.   The Governator signed a bill transforming possession from a misdemeanor to an "infraction."  That puts it on the level of a speeding ticket except you don't get points on your licence.

Schwarzenegger downgraded marijuana possession for a simple but, for California, compelling reason - cost.  Accused charged with misedemeanors are entitled to trial by jury.   Now possession of up to an ounce is punishable by a $100-fine but will not entail either arrest or a criminal record.

California is one of a dozen U.S. states that have downgraded marijuana possession laws.  If that's the case in the U.S., it makes you wonder why Canada lags behind.   Oh, I forgot, we've got a neanderthal with a raging prison fetish for a prime minister.

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leftdog said...

Hmmm .... excuse me! I'd like to set the record straight (pun) ... The Liberal Party of Canada, while in government, introduced marijuana reform legislation a number of times and then strategically let it die each and every time on the order paper.

The Libs had NO intention of reducing penalties or decriminalizing cannabis. They were merely leaving the impression that they were.

If you supported decrim, the Libs were your heroes! If you opposed decrim, you were assured that the legislation would NOT be passed.

The Libs have been completely hypocritical on this issue. Harper will NEVER do anything similar to what is happening in California, BUT NEITHER WILL THE LIBERALS IF THEIR RECORD IS EXAMINED!!