Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Can We Still Keep Backing Israel After This?

Can we still back Israel if it has no intention of ever accepting the creation of a Palestinian state?   Can we support the state of Israel if we discover that it has been flying false flags about peace in the Middle East?   Can we support an Israel whose actual policy is to perpetuate the notion of flexible, ever shifting borders and the permanent subjugation of the Palestinian people?

I think we can and, so long as the Libs remain under the current management, will do just that.

You don't hear much about it in our media but al Jazeera has blown the lid off the secret negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority going back to the Bush/Cheney years.   The Arab news service has released confidential documents, now called the "Palestine Papers" showing the P.A. was willing to drop its pants and bend over to get any sort of statehood deal from Israel only to get the heave-ho.

Why won't Israel even consider handing Gaza and the West Bank over to a legitimate Palestinian state?   One reason I've often repeated is that Israel will never permit the aquifer that lies beneath the West Bank to fall under Palestinian (i.e. "enemy") control.  It is one of three aquifers that Israel sees as essential to its survival.   There will always be an Israeli tank parked on top of it.

The second reason is best explained by Alistair Crooke.   He contends we have heard but never understood what type of state the Israeli's want to create in their homeland.

It may be politically expedient, however disingenuous, for the current Liberal management to cling to fairy tale explanations of the Palestine/Israel roadblock but that does the party and its faithful no honour.

The documents are out.   They speak for themselves.   The Guardian has received a volume of them from al Jazeera and has had Palestinian officials privately confirm their authenticity even as the Palestinian Authority wants them to simply go away.

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