Friday, January 28, 2011

Mubarak Hits the Airwaves. Dissolves Government?

Hosni Mubarak is appearing live on state television.   A quick swipe at ElBaradei for exploiting the situation.

Mubarak claims demonstrations could not have occurred without Egypt's reforms.  Sovereignty, he claims, belongs to the people.   ...Fine line separating freedom from chaos.  ...Will defend Egypt's stability.   ...Egypt is governed by its constitution and rule of law.

...Demonstrations suppress lawful aspirations to more democracy, improvement of standard of living and reduction of corruption.  Steer away from those who invite chaos and public looting.

...We will continue political, economic and social reforms.  We have taken the side of the poor people of Egypt.

It sounds as though Mubarak thinks he can ride this out.   Plenty of gibberish about reforms and the rule of law.

I have requested the government to step down today.   New government tomorrow.  

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