Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tucson Wasn't an Aberration. Arizona Is a Nuthouse.

Top to bottom, Arizona exemplifies the disease that has afflicted the American psyche.   It's the state with the lowest per capita debt and yet it's one of the most insolvent.   They even flogged off their state legislature building to raise a few bucks.

Arizona, home to that angry old geezer, John McCain, introduced draconian anti-immigrant laws.   Then there was that bizarre mid-term election with lunatic candidates making preposterous claims.   Hot on the heels of that came the Tucson shootings by a guy who demonstrated that, in Arizona, the deranged have no trouble arming themselves to the teeth.

Now it's the state's attorney general, Tom Horne, showing the world the true face of Arizona.   The Horne dog has ordered Tucson-area schools to drop classes in Mexican-American history and social studies.   Horne claims these classes are "propagandising and brainwashing" students into overthrowing the constitutional government and hating white people.

Horne wrote a law barring Arizona schools from holding classes that breached any of four prohibitions: promoting the overthrow of the government, creating resentment toward a race or class of people, focusing on students of one ethnic group or promoting ethnic solidarity.

Of course deciding what class or textbook "creates resentment toward a race" is a pretty subjective matter unless, of course, you see it in the context of how non-whites might perceive whites.   Then it's easy as hell.

It's a phase they're going through in the American southwest.   White majorities are threatened by burgeoning Latino populations.   Soon it'll be Mexican-Americans who are in the majority.   Maybe rubbing their noses in the dirt just before they get majority status isn't such a bright thing.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a racist murdering bastard.

The Mound of Sound said...

Yeah, I had overlooked that jerk. But you know Troy these characters are the last of a dying breed. Their time is past even as they cling on pretending it hasn't.

The Republicans will rue the day they went along with this anti-immigrant nonsense. It will cost them the southwest and there's no way they can make that up elsewhere. Karl Rove knew that. So did Cheney and Bush. Even McCain got it - before he didn't.