Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sean Hannity. America's Real Mental Affliction.

I credit FOX News with delivering an awful lot of the conditioning that has left so many Americans ignorant, befuddled, angry and volatile.  Among the FOX celebrities, probably none is more odious than mouthpiece Sean Hannity.  The following clip from Hannity's show pretty much sums up the guy:

Go in and take Kuwait's oil?   Really?  I suppose he maintains that Kuwait owes America for its liberation in Operation Desert Storm.   Maybe Hannity is simply too stupid to recall that was the one war America fought on the cheap with countries like Japan and Germany covering almost all of America's costs.

As for Iraqis paying for their liberation, maybe Hannity could remind us who asked Bush/Cheney to invade and devastate Iraq?  Whoever that is, why not send them the bill?   Sean Hannity is such a total sphincter.

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