Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Two Out of Three Nations (Including the US) Will Be Highly Vulnerable to Climate Change by 2030

Unless we do something very significant, very soon to arrest global warming, two-thirds of the world's countries will become "highly vulnerable" to climate change by 2030.

The "climate vulnerability monitor" rates 132-nations as highly susceptible to climate-change threats including health; weather disasters; human habitat loss from rising seas and desertification; and economic stresses on natural resources and other relevant sectors.

Most of Europe is safe but not so the United States.  The US and Spain are slated to be highly vulnerable mainly due to habitat loss.  The report notes the greatest impact will be sustained by the poorest countries and the most vulnerable groups, including children.

This warning comes as, across the world, the public's interest in global warming continues to wane.  In case you're confused, that's not good.  Der Spiegel says public apathy has become so worrisome, the green movement is looking for ways to make the issue sexy.   Yeah, good luck with that.


Beijing York said...

Environmental devastation, ramped up nuclear arms race and the slow, deliberate destruction of the Palestinians – all key news items that should have us outraged - instead we get silence from the media and our so-called democratic representatives on all levels.

The Mound of Sound said...

Hi BY. I've just finished an opinion piece (rant I suppose) on restoring progressive democracy. I contend that the deliberate suppression of progressivism has been the foundation for implementing corporatism and that the key for undoing the damage done is to dismember the corporate media. If you've got time I'd be grateful for your thoughts on that piece.