Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Relentless March of the Oligarchs

If you don't believe progressive democracy is under attack, you need to read how mega-billionaire muscle is collaborating with the far Right media to skew the 2010 elections.  This piece from AlterNet is an eye opener.  Follow the links, read the documents.  With the world facing severe, potentially existential threats, this is an insight into what we're up against.


Okie said...

I remember reading the amount spent on Ronald Reagans campaign and the comparison to his Democratic rival. That was my first eye opener.

Re: the links, shades of Bush. Question is how long does it take Americans to forget? If their memory span is similar to Canadians...

Note their attack on Obama's health care initiatives. If what they defend was a working system, I might sympathize based on our flawed effort. Of course it isn't, and their motives are transparent.

The answer lies between the two concepts. Closer to ours but with a much higher degree of checks and controls on the Empire builders, and the rampant laziness and me ism which dominates public institutions.

I will post a link on our public health care system which is a gem. Can't do it right now as I'm exploring the wonders of Linux and haven't quite mastered the bells and whistles yet.

Okie said...

"As costs and dissatisfaction mount, most Canadians believe the problem is rooted in either insufficient funding, demographic overload or corporate profiteering. But according to a growing chorus of health economists, policy analysts and doctors, the real issue is mismanagement — horrible, pervasive inefficiency that is preventing the system from running even close to as well as it could. "

As usual, I don't agree with everything in the above article, as I do believe big pharma is out of control and as your links clearly indicate, participants in encouraging and fostering the far right sycophants. Much the same as the so called Canadian left parties do with the far left sycophants.

Some Doctors are also known to be "friendly" to pharma. All in our best interest of course.