Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Build It And They Shall Come - Harper Finally Gets His Crime Wave

Ruler Stephen Harper's bondage incarceration fetish has brought Furious Leader an awful lot of ridicule by people pointing out Canada's continually declining crime rates.  But maybe SHarper wasn't quite as unhinged as he seemed.   Canada is experiencing a crime outbreak - the very sort of crime one might expect to see in places where the far right dominates - hate crime.

Hate crimes shot up 42% in 2009 and of the three strains - religion, ethnicity or sexual orientation - religion based hate crimes increased the most, rising by 55%.  Overall, 54% were rated by race or ethnicity.   The biggest increases were from cities in political swing provinces - Ottawa, Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo and Montreal.  About 40% of reported hate crimes involved violence.


Baba said...

This is a job for the newly minted Office of Religious Freedom! They'll fix things, I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Isn't said office just for foreign nations?

On the other hand, didn't Harper say that Quebec is its own nation?