Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Collective Bargaining Has No Place in Harperland

Our Furious Leader has served notice that strikes will not be permitted in his country, Harperland.   Finance minister and dutiful leprechaun Flaherty has announced his master's government is preparing legislation to order 4,000 Air Canada customer service and sales agents back to work.

Flaherty revealed how pathetically disingenuous his government is when he claimed the strike is already damaging the economy of the nation.

"It affects tourists, of course, but it affects business, it affects the delivery of cargo in Canada and from Canada abroad. So this is a matter of significant economic consequence."

Really, Jimbo?  Air Canada says it experienced "some" flight delays on Tuesday but it hasn't canceled even one flight because of the strike.   So what exactly is the "significant economic consequence" except the standard Tory bullshit?


Beijing York said...

I found it weird that Lisa Raitt stated yesterday that the government would not intervene in the CUPW-Canada Post rotational strike/lockout but with less than 12 hours on the picket line, Jim Flaherty announces the government's plan to submit back to work legislation almost immediately.

Air Canada executives must have some deep ties with the Harper gang. Wasn't the Dubai military staging base debacle about Air Canada not wanting more competition from Emirates Airlines and Ethad Airways?

WILLY said...


I think Air Canada was originally for the Emirates flights because they were going to pick up fees from the Emirates, Then the deal changed and they balked running to Baird, who then claimed the competition would hurt AC.

And then Harper thought he could stare them down.

I'd love to play poker with this asshole,