Monday, June 20, 2011

Let'em Eat - Geese

Urban areas in North America these days are plagued by masses of unwanted Canada geese - birds that have abandoned their migratory ways for the comforts or urban living.   They crap up our parks (literally), sometimes block our roads and have even been known to send jetliners crashlanding into the Hudson River.

That US Airways near disaster has spurred New York City airports into action.  They've decided to capture the unwanted geese, ship them to Pennsylvania and have them cleaned and cooked, transformed into free food for the needy.

Mass culls to clear the geese from the area were authorized after the National Transportation Safety Board positively identified the remains of Canada geese in the engine of the aircraft.

The city will pay for the capture and transport of the geese to facilities in Pennsylvania where they will be distributed to Pennsylvania food banks, a spokesman for the city's Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) said.

"Rather than disposing of them in landfills, we wanted to make sure they do not go to waste," the spokesman said.

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Steve said...

I have been advocating that for 20 years, Geese in Ontario are a flocking problem.