Friday, June 03, 2011

Chretien, Clinton and Fox Fight For Water

20 former world leaders, including Jean Chretien, Bill Clinton and Mexico's Vincente Fox, have joined forces to warn of the looming water crisis and to form a panel to tackle the "worldwide leadership gap" on the problem.

Worldwide leadership gap.  In case you haven't noticed, that's about the only commodity our civilization has in abundance these days - a punishing lack of worldwide leadership. And it is lacking on virtually every existential challenge now facing humanity from global warming to desertification, deforestation, resource depletion and exhaustion, species extinction and migration, pest and disease migration, droughts and floods, major storm events of increasing frequency and severity, overpopulation and human migration, food insecurity and price instability, global social upheaval and all the associated and resultant security threats. 

On all of these things there is a near absolute worldwide leadership vacuum.  How can that be?   Because we keep electing numbnutted Rulers like the one who now holds court in Canada.  He represents a constituency in Canada for whom these threats somehow don't exist or at least don't matter.  Oh yeah, I forgot.  His god is going to Rapture his nihilistic ass out of here before all this comes crashing down on everyone else's head.  If only.

The panel, co-chaired by Mr. Chretien, is going to try to push for a change in what passes today for leadership but reprobates like Harper can be expected to ignore them, if not push back.   But even then this leaders' panel is not a lost cause.   They can do a lot of good if only by shining a fierce, penetrating light onto the perverted leadership we have today, to show the public the real face of people like Harper.


Sixth Estate said...

Not that I'm sad to see a new advocacy group on an important problem, but using the advocacy of Jean Chretien to reveal the weak leadership potential of Stephen Harper really does seem a little like calling the kettle black.

You raise a good point, though. It would have been nice if someone had Harper down on paper clearly either expressing or denying a belief in the rapture.

The Mound of Sound said...

I'm not really using Chretien to contrast Harper, that's not the point. That said, I don't recall Chretien actively working to subvert consensus on global warming and adaptation measures. But, in any case, the point is that a panel of former leaders has formed because of the current lack of leadership worldwide on a truly existential challenge that endangers us all.

No one can get Harper to reveal anything insightful about his religious beliefs. Not for want of trying.