Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Throne Speech Debate? Why Bother?

The elected representatives of the three out of five Canadians who chose not to vote for the Ruler's party will not be permitted to debate the government's throne speech.

Government house leader, Stinky van Loan, said there's no time for the traditional debate, contending that a budget vote will do nicely instead.

Welcome to government-by-fiat in which the elected voice of the solid majority of Canadians is silenced by the bully boys representing the other two out of five.  Furious Leader contends that, tradition be damned, there's no constitutional obligation to hold a throne speech debate.   He likewise claims there's no constitutional requirement that prevents him from unilaterally reforming the senate.

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Beijing York said...

No time for traditional debate. More unabashed CONTEMPT for Parliament.