Wednesday, June 15, 2011

For Women, The Worst Countries On Earth

There are plenty of countries where it's no blessing to be born female but there are some where it's bloody awful.

The worst, the very worst country is - why it's our own rescued state, freshly-liberated Afghanistan.   Afghanistan is followed by the Democratic Republic of Congo, Pakistan, India and Somalia.

The appearance of India, a country rapidly developing into an economic super-power, was unexpected. It is ranked as extremely hazardous because of the subcontinent's high level of female infanticide and sex trafficking.
Others were less surprised to be on the list. Informed about her country's inclusion, Somalia's women's minister, Maryan Qasim, responded:   "I thought Somalia would be first on the list, not fifth.  "

The survey has been compiled by the Thomson Reuters Foundation to mark the launch of a website, TrustLawWoman, aimed at providing free legal advice for women's groups around the world.

High maternal mortality rates, limited access to doctors and a   "near total lack of economic rights  " render Afghanistan such a threat to its female inhabitants.

"Continuing conflict, Nato airstrikes and cultural practices combine to make Afghanistan a very dangerous place for women,  " said Antonella Notari, head of Women Change Makers, a group that supports women social entrepreneurs around the world.

No word yet on Canada's standing but, then again, our Ayatollah and his Mullahs are still unpacking their majority tools.


LeDaro said...

I read somewhere that India has another serious problem. Couples don’t want baby girls and go for the male fetus as that manipulation is possible now. Ratio of women to men is getting smaller and smaller. This is another unintended birth control as men have difficulty getting a wife. Also men have to pay big amounts as dowry to the parents of the girl to get married. Interesting world we live in.

The Mound of Sound said...

Yeah, LD, that was the reference in the story to "female infanticide."

Eventually you wind up with an imbalance in which there aren't enough young women to marry all the young men which gives rise to a wide variety of social problems.

China reached the same position due to putting female Chinese babies up for grabs on the adoption market.

opit said...

The CIA uses a meme of 'disrepectful of women' against Islam in a broad brush treatment.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, U.S. 'Christianists' refuse birth control or abortion to women as defending infants.... while sending young men to die in far lands 'to defend our country'.
Psychological Projection is such a feature of media coverage that it is a comedic farce.