Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sure It's the Right Thing. But That Doesn't Matter in Harperland.

Another international disgrace for Canada - thanks to Greasy Steve Harper.

The Canadian delegation to a UN conference in Geneva agrees that chrysotile asbestos fully deserves to be labelled as "hazardous" but Harperland will veto even that basic protection.

Materials listed on this annex require "Prior Informed Consent" - meaning before countries export listed goods, they must inform importers of the risks and pre-cautionary measures for safe handling, to which importers must consent.

The Canadian delegation Thursday said the expert panel's guidance, which included its recommendation to list the carcinogen on Annex III, was "appropriate and the criteria for listing was met. Canada is not in a position to support the listing."

Gee, I wonder if they should list Athabasca bitumen on Annex III because it's also chock full of carcinogens.  Ah, forget it.  That's not the way our Ruler, Lardass, rolls.

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