Wednesday, June 15, 2011

First They Came For Our Slaves, Now They've Come For Our Coal.

Those goddamned Yankees!

Far right Republican jackass, Senator Mitch McConnell, says the federal government is at war in the South again.  "They have declared war, war on Kentucky's coal industry."

 The next day, state Rep. Jim Gooch, a Providence Democrat who heads the state House Natural Resources Committee, went even further as he complained about the EPA's efforts to make coal-fired power plants reduce their air and water pollution.

"This is a war on Kentucky," Gooch exclaimed during a hearing, "because what we're talking about is totally destroying our economy."

And don't forget Gov. Steve Beshear's tantrum against the EPA during his State of the Commonwealth address in February. "Get off our backs!" Beshear bellowed. "Get off our backs!"
Such is the state of politics in America today that, when its Environmental Protection Agency, does its job, it's an act of war.   Sounds like the sort of thing we might expect to hear bleating out of Alberta if Tar Sands Stevie wasn't running the country.

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