Thursday, June 23, 2011

Homeland Security Tests Mind Reading Sensors

According to the magazine Nature, the US Department of Homeland Security is conducting field trials of sensors they hope will be able to spot people thinking about committing terrorist acts.  That's right, just by looking at people, this hardware will supposedly spot would-be terrorists.

The gear apparently uses uses remote sensors to measure physiological properties, such as heart rate and eye movement.

It is all based on a form of witchdoctor psychology called behavioural science. These boffins have the cunning theory that someone with malintent may act strangely, show mannerisms out of the norm, or experience extreme physiological reactions based on the extent, time, and consequences of the event.

Homeland Security's FAST technology design so that coppers can basically arrest anyone who looks them funny. So no change there then.

The DHS claimed the machine was accurate 70 percent of the time the other 30 percent will probably get out of Guantanamo Bay in a couple of years.

However some boffins think the gear will give shedloads of false positives.


Beijing York said...

A variation of "Minority Report"?

LeDaro said...

Instead of boffins why not call them buffoons.

Steve said...

Its the Dream Police.