Wednesday, June 01, 2011

C'mon, You Have to Do Better Than That

What's in a name?   Iran has just unveiled its latest surface-to-surface missile.  It's been given the unfortunate name, Qiyam which, in English, means "Resurrection."  Can we quit with the Apocalyptic names, please?   Just give it a rest.

And from the "Yeah and if my aunt had balls, she'd be my uncle" file, two stories.  Outgoing US Defense Secretary Robert Gates warns that Hezbollah has a variety of rockets and missiles that could be used to deliver biological or chemical weaponry.  What does "could" mean anyway, other than anything you want it to mean but can't back up with a shred of evidence.  

Not to be outdone, a senior official from the US National Intelligence Director's Office warns that North Korea could eventually develop a ballistic missile capable of reaching America.

"No one is looking at the North Koreans as building these systems to have a first-strike capability or anything like that. That's not what we're really concerned about. But they are certainly building missiles that eventually will be capable of targeting the U.S., and these missiles will be capable of having nuclear weapons."

Tell me, is it budget appropriations time?

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