Thursday, January 19, 2012

Did Bishop Mitt Coerce a Woman into a High-Risk Childbirth?

A lot of people have been predicting that Mitt Romney's Mormon mishaps could undermine his presidential aspirations.  Perhaps they're right.

"...the Republican presidential front-runner, has been accused in a new biography of forcing a female member of his Mormon church to risk death by giving birth despite complications with her pregnancy. Another woman has claimed that he threatened to expel her unless she gave up a child for adoption.

...As Boston ''stake president'', Mr Romney led a church region comparable to a Catholic diocese. The book claims that in 1990, he told a congregant with five children that she must not abort her sixth pregnancy even though doctors warned that a pelvic blood clot meant giving birth might kill her and the infant.
...As a ward bishop in 1983, Mr Romney allegedly also told Peggie Hayes, a pregnant 23-year-old single mother, to give up her second child for adoption because ''a successful marriage is unlikely''. He reportedly told her: ''You could be excommunicated for failing to follow the leadership of the church.''

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